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Archipelago Canarreos of Cuba is composed of numerous small islands. The second largest island of the archipelago is Cayo Largo del Sur, or simply Cayo Largo. This island is a complex whole. Measures

less than 3 miles wide and 25 miles long. There are no permanent residents on the island. The resort workers live in small islands nearby.

Cayo Largo information:

Cayo Largo is said to be an island of limestone. It is an island that took millions and millions of years to form. The white sandy beach of Cayo Largo pearl is formed from marine organisms. As Cayo Santa María, Cayo Largo is well known for its coral reefs. Marine life is a major tourist attraction in this area. The current is very quiet and makes it an ideal vacation spot for families with children.

Cayo Largo is surrounded by shallow water on one side and deep water in the other. Most resorts are located at the mouth of the shallow beaches. Tourists can choose to relax in the sun or enjoy a swim in the clear waters of Key Largo. Or they can go by boat and appreciate the natural beauty of the island.
The temperature is between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius. The hottest temperature occurs during the months of July and August and the coldest temperature in January and


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February. The fauna of the island is another attraction to see on the island. The north of the island is home to several rare species of plants and animals.

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