Getting there and around Panama


Many people become nervous when visiting a different country, or really any place that has never been before. The tourists especially are concerned about how to move, or even how to get there first. In the case of Panama City is a city very convenient to move and go. In Panama there are two airports in Panama City Tocumen Airport and the airport at Albrook. Once you arrive at these airports, there are plenty of options to fly.

There are several airlines flying directly from the United States Tocumen airport in Panama City, including Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Copa and Spirit Airlines. The airlines that fly internationally from other places around the world to Tocumen International Airport are: KLM, Iberia, Avianca, Aeromexico, Air, TACA, United, Goal, Condor, Air France, Cubana, Santa Barbara Airlines, British Airways , Alitalia, and the Dutch Antilles Express.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to fly to and from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama.
When you are trying to reach other parts of Panama departing from Panama City, it is best to take a short flight from Albrook Airport. Usually people take a quick shuttle to get from the Tocumen International Airport Albrook airport, and vice versa, from Albrook to Tocumen. As you move around the city of Panama from these airports, the airport of Panama is also the best option, as it has bus services that can take you around town in a safe and comfortable journey. Panama Airport has a shuttle service will pick you up and take you from your hotel to the airport.

For more control over their travel options, especially if you plan to make several trips to Panama City and its


surroundings is a good idea to rent a car in Panama. This is something you can easily do in Panama City. You may find points of rental car at the airport in Panama and in downtown Panama City. Panama is in car rental companies as well known as Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, and Dollar, all these companies provide car rental services around Panama City and the city of David, Panama.

A fun and effective way to travel within Panama is by boat or water taxi. Since there are a lot of water in the area of Panama City and the rest of the country, boats are a major form of transportation to get to this place and around Panama City. Boats and ferries are easy to find and get to visit any city of Panama. Panama travel by boat is a fun and great for around town and see the landscape from a different viewpoint.

So when you travel to Panama City, Panama, be sure to fly with one of the many international airlines Tocumen International Airport, and take the airport shuttle to get from the airport to the city, or to go Albrook Tocumen or continue their travel in other parts of the country. Once, I came to Panama City, you realize how many options offered by this country to move from one place to another. Panama City has more than one reason to be one of the world’s best places to visit on holiday.