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Music from Panama
Brief information about Bands, Singers and Music of Panama

Panama vibrates with the sound of music made by his people, and the variety of sounds heard in Panama is as varied as the demographics of Panama.
Although most people listen to salsa in Panama, many prefer to dance merengue or reggaeton. In Panama there is a huge number of young people from listening to loud music in their cars tuned.

The jazz scene in Panama is very strong and is growing thanks to the efforts of the Danilo Perez Foundation. From time to time make major bands concerts in Panama.

For example, in Panama have played artists like Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira and Ricky Martin. Panama also has very good local bands as it is an excellent Cage9 Panamanian rock band.

Panama is a land of music and the music of Panama has a long history and tradition. The music of Panama is one of the factors that define the life and culture of Panama.

The music of Panama and the Panama Folk Dance:

Folk music of Panama is world famous and enjoys special importance in Panama Musical Festival. Pindhi style is a distinct form of popular music of Panama, which was founded around 1940.

Tamborito is an important way of Panama and Folk Dance is a dance popular in Panama. This dance is performed by men and women dressed in special costumes. Dance, Contradanza and Hall are another important genre Folk Dance Panama.


Information about the Music from Panama

Panama has been the birthplace of a number of important musical forms. Jazz, Salsa, Vallenato, the Calypso and Mento have originated on this earth.
Panama has also created a number of internationally renowned musicians. Some of the most important musical personalities of Panama are Maurice Smith, Ruben Blades, Mongo Santamaria, Machito, Chubby Checker, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Mauricio Smith, Victor Boa, Barbara Wilson, and singer and bassist Clarence Martin.

Music is an important part of all parties and festivals in Panama. The people of Panama love to sing and dance. The music of Panama is an inseparable part of the nightlife of Panama.




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