Getting there and around Dominican Republic


The challenge of exploring the Dominican Republic, with its land mass of 18,000 square kilometers, is much more daunting than to explore the neighboring countries notably


smaller islands in the Caribbean. Fortunately, there are several efficient ways to make their way through a varied landscape island.

For those who fly in the Dominican Republic would be desirable to reach an airport that is close to its first destination. With seven additional national and international airports, flying can also be a convenient and fast way to get around the island, especially if you are traveling some distance. Domestic flights can cost as cheap as $ 60 (USD), but travelers should remember that the Dominican Republic does not comply with the International Aviation Safety Assessment Program of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States. This evaluation program for judges is the ability of the country to meet international air safety standards and maintenance.
Car rentals are another great option for those who want to travel long distances within the Dominican Republic. The rental agencies are located in all major tourist destinations and offer a large fleet of both models, sedans and four wheel drive vehicles. Although known to drive, operate in any country in the Caribbean can be intimidating but still hire car is still a good option for those who are cautious on the road.
Many car rental companies also rent bikes and mopeds. Tourists who use two-wheeled vehicles may experience headaches, heavy traffic and the police to stop all the time. Also, scooters are dangerous due to poor road safety conditions. Tourists should always wear a helmet with this method of transport.
For those who plan to do limited travel on a smaller area,

Santo Domingo Airport
Santo Domingo Airport

taxis and buses can be cheaper than a rental car and are often an adventure. In selecting the taxis and buses, it is safer for vacationers to use well-known tourism companies to avoid being victims of robberies or assaults. Local taxis are sometimes fixed fees, and look like public buses, allowing passengers to get off on the road at will. Good bus companies offer a good service and reasonable rates. Motorcycle taxis, or motorcycles are also available for small distances, although the safety of passengers is limited to these means of transport in the Dominican Republic.
The boat or ferry service is limited in the Dominican Republic, but travelers can make the trip to and from Puerto Rico on several different days of week. A series of small ferries and boat tours offer service to all destinations of the island.
Many visitors to the Dominican Republic are irresistibly drawn to explore the different areas of the island. With so many transportation options on land, sea and air, ensuring appropriate transportation for your itinerary should not be a problem.