Copan Ruins


Copán Ruins is another interesting city in Honduras. It is beautiful and rich in history. It is a beautiful town paved with cobblestones and surrounded by white adobe buildings


with red tile roofs rather colonial. Copán Ruins is a serene place and a haven of rest for many. Also has remains of an ancient culture and the site also boasts a pristine environment in the foothills of the ruins of Copán.

The town of Copán Ruins is especially known for the Mayan ruins. It is considered by many archaeologists as the cultural center of the Mayan world and has been designated as World Heritage. Copan is one of the least explored Honduras cities but in reality has much to offer. Drink delicious coffee in Honduras and spa trips are very common activities in Copán. Numerous activities await tourists excited, such as hiking to hidden waterfalls, making bird watching, horseback riding, canopy tours, kayaking and tubing in the Copan River, mountain biking, diving in the thermal and therapeutic hot springs and camping in national parks of Copán Ruins.

Other activities in this place with so much fun can include visits to water parks, museums, indigenous Mayan communities, the only museum of Mayan children, colonial cities in the mountains and a tour, of course, the famous Mayan ruins.

The Sculpture Museum is a very unforgettable cultural building Copán Ruins. It is found in the archaeological park. The Copán Museum, exhibits a wide range of artifacts from the Mayan ruins. For those looking to sample the cuisine of central America, restaurants to visit are the Welchez Café, the cafeteria Rosalila, Carnitas Nia Lola and the Casa de Todo. Most restaurants are located in the center of the city in any of the big hotels in Copan.










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