Les Cayes


Are you tired of crowded beaches to visit with your family? Are you tired of going every year to spend a holiday in silver with little privacy? Looking for something more exciting than another


trip to the countryside? Why do not you go to Les Cayes, Haiti for a peaceful and relaxing, then? Formerly known as Aux Cayes, Les Cayes, a seaport in southwestern Haiti. One of the main ports of the country, is home to the industries of sugar and coffee trade, as well as bananas and timber. People are generally warm and welcoming as the environment.

In Les Cayes, there is no evidence from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. No cars honking and air pollution in this small charming city is very low. If you want to be able to relax and forget your worries, Les Cayes, is the perfect place to be on vacation. The world-renowned hotel in Puerto de Morgan is in this city, where you and your family can have a pleasant stay for several days. In the area of Les Cayes, you may want to participate in various water sports that the

Les Cayes Haiti

Les Cayes Haiti

city has to offer. Apart from swimming, diving and snorkeling, you can go sailing and windsurfing with his family. The complex, you can even carry the famous Cow Island, where you can admire the different flora and fauna that has been surprisingly well preserved.

If you travel to the city of Les Cayes, I can guarantee that not a minute of your time will be wasted. There are so many things to do and places to discover and enjoy your trip to Les Cayes will be unforgettably fun.

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