With the Pacific coast as their western border and almost completely around the beautiful Lake Managua, Managua department of Nicaragua is divided into ten municipalities – San Judas, Cuidad Sandino, El Crucero, Managua, Mateare, San Francisco Libre, San Rafael del Sur, Ticuantepe, Tipitapa and Villa Carlos Fonseca. Located on the southern shore of Lake Managua, Managua is the capital city of Managua and the country and has a number of attractions worth visiting, including the National Museum, Huembres Market (market), and the National Theatre Rubén Darío.

About twenty miles north of Managua, the peninsula of Chiltepe enters Lake Managua. Two lakes are within the peninsula and this is a very popular destination for swimming, windsurfing, diving and other activities. There are picnic areas and a resort with several restaurants and cafes. The beaches in the department of Managua are impressive and are popular weekend destinations for residents of the interior. Pochomil beach is the most popular beach for swimming alone. During the week the beaches are a little quieter especially with foreign tourists enjoying their beauty. Going to the other end, the municipality of El Crucero reaches a height of 900 meters, with a cold wind seems to blow constantly. The lush, rolling hills, deep valleys and to the city of Managua, can be seen from the viewpoint of the Clouds in the town of El Crucero.

Managua department incorporates a number of nature reserves, as Montibelli Reserve is very close to the capital. The reserve has an abundance of flora and fauna, attracting enthusiasts with its bird watching colorful birds. Visitors can also see monkeys, frogs, snakes, lizards and butterflies. The Nature Reserve is located Chocoyero within the city limits of Ticuantepe, and is famous for its large number of green parrots, known as Chocoyos, which nest on the cliffs beside a waterfall. These birds are so distinctive spectacular, and they leave their nests in the morning and returning at dusk. The hiking trails in the National Park Chocoyero are designed to ensure that campers get the most benefit from the flora and fauna in the reserve, as well as the stunning scenery. Certainly this is a must when visiting the department of Managua, Nicaragua

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