Port de Paix


If you want to go out and want to be able to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet, go to Port-de-Paix in Haiti. This important seaport was once named Valparaiso


or Vallée du Paradis by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish. The town of Port-du-Paix is very friendly, and exude famous Creole hospitality. They do not join political unrest and people have a big business mentality. Most people have entrepreneurial spirit, and have a sense of leadership and also very independent. Their culture is very strong and people are very proud of what they have accomplished as a community. Most artists, intellectuals, writers and poets come to the city of Port-du-Paix, so do not miss the opportunity to see this area when you are in Haiti.

Although it is rarely visited, this city boasts many

Travel to Port de Paix

Travel to Port de Paix

buildings with wonderful architecture that can compete with those of other cities. You can reach Les Cayes, by air or boat depending on what suits you. Flights to this area are normally from Port-au-Prince. One of the best hotels in the country can be found here in Port-de-Paix, obviously we’re talking about the Hotel Rival. The rooms are spacious and can give a fantastic view of the Caribbean. Weather in Les Cates is perfect for any outdoor activity such as hiking, swimming or windsurfing on the beach with friends.

If you have your heart set on a getaway to the Caribbean for the summer, go without doubt to visit Port-de-Paix where they have a unique experience that will surely be a treasure to share with your friends back home.

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