St Ann s Bay


The city of St. Ann’s Bay was first called Santa Gloria by Christopher Columbus. It is believed that this is the first place where Columbus arrived, but much discussion was related to this because of another belief was that Columbus first came to America in Discovery Bay.

Today, a statue of Christopher Columbus stands in this area to commemorate the discovery of the bay.

St. Ann’s Bay is a beautiful place. Visit St. Ann’s Bay is like traveling back in time especially as the flowering of Ocho Rios has made this beautiful city has been able to grow much in terms of tourism and transport. Buildings and facilities of St. Ann’s Bay of administrative officers have been well preserved to maintain its original luster.

St. Ann’s Bay is a charming city that is known as the birthplace of Jamaica, the national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey was a pioneer Pan-African solidarity.

Attractions St. Ann’s Bay:

St. Ann’s Bay gives you the feeling that is still in the old days Jamaica. Do not forget that the experience of a tour of St. Ann’s Bay and breathe you can enjoy the beautiful view of Jamaica.

Marvin Garvey’s statue is a memorial statue honoring the national hero, Marvin Garvey. This is a famous site located on the outskirts of St. Ann’s Bay at the entrance to the National Library of Jamaica and was a fitting tribute because the national hero was known for his passion for reading.

The Church of Perpetual Help was built in 1534 as the Martyr Church and was said to have not been completed then. Jamaica was colonized by Britain in 1655. This building was later donated to the Catholic Church and was built with the original stones of the Martyr Church. Now it is considered as a national monument in Jamaica.













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