Jamaica Overview:

The third largest island in the Caribbean is also one of the most colorful islands. Jamaica is paradise of white sand beaches and vibrant tropical flowers that sit on a background of blue mountains. Jamaica is the adopted home of the Rasta, Jamaica is also a riot of red, gold and green. Jamaica is recognized as the birthplace of Bob Marley and of course, reggae is still the background music of the island. The rice and peas, rum, coffee and cricket are the soul of Jamaica, are the pastimes of Jamaica. The town center still holds oral traditions, such as discussing an idea to exhaustion, often simply a game of dominoes fight fiercely on a terrace or porch.


The excellent tourist facilities and attractions in Jamaica range from leafy parks and beautiful colonial cities filled nightlife neon. Negril and Montego Bay are the two main coastal resorts of Jamaica, attracting a mix of tourists. In these resorts you can find white sands, lively nightclubs, restaurants and golf courses are world class.

The Relaxed Negril Beach has a 11 km (7 miles) filled with funky beach bars painted in bubblegum hues. Known by all as Mo Bay ‘, and has a reputation as an ideal city for property buyers.

Travel a short distance along the coast to discover ‘the real Jamaica, the markets in the middle of the street, yam and breadfruit and vendors hawking were Kulu Kulu. Explore in Jamaica’s picturesque fishing villages of Treasure Beach, Port Antonio and Oracabessa, fantastic places that offer insight into the quieter side of Jamaica. Save big with on Eva Airway Tickets at OneTravel

Music is inherent to Jamaica, whether rock, reggae or reggaeton. In historic Kingston, the capital of the spirit of the island, there are great Georgian squares and elegant mansions are serenaded by soca rhythms and throbbing hum of the city. The Tuff Gong and the Bob Marley Museum celebrate Jamaica’s musical heritage and African roots.

Geography of Jamaica:

Jamaica Travel information
Jamaica Travel information

With an area of 10,911 square kilometers (4.244 miles square), Jamaica is the largest island in the Commonwealth Caribbean and the third largest of the Antilles, after Cuba and Spanish. A largely mountainous area reaches 2,256 m (7402 ft) in the Blue Mountain Peak in the east, descending towards the west in a series of wooded hills and ravines. More than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of coastline offers beaches in the north and west. At its greatest extent, Jamaica is 235 kilometers (146 miles) long with a width varying between 35 and 82 km (22 and 51 miles). The island is a quarter the size of Estonia, half the size of the Highlands of Scotland, about the same size as the U.S. state of Connecticut.

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