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About the girls of Haiti in rural and urban, men monopolize the labor market. Only girls work as jewelers, construction workers, laborers, mechanics and drivers. Most doctors, teachers and politicians in Haiti are men, although women in Haiti have made inroads into the elite professions, especially in medicine. Virtually all pastors are men, like most school principals. Men also predominate, though not entirely, in the professions of professional spiritual healer and herbal. In the domestic sphere, men are primarily responsible for caring for livestock and gardens.

Haitian girls are responsible for domestic activities such as cooking, cleaning the house and wash the clothes by hand. Rural women and children are responsible for ensuring that water and firewood, women help with the planting and harvesting.

Haitian girls are dedicated to health care, and nursing is an exclusively female profession, and to a lesser extent education is also a task of the girls in Haiti. In marketing, women dominate most sectors, especially for goods such as snuff, vegetables and fish. Most of Haiti economically active girls are business entrepreneurs.

Haitian girls in rural areas are often repressed. Haitian girls urban middle class and elite have equal status to women in developed countries. Among most of the girls of Haiti’s poor urban areas have suffered a shortage of jobs and low wages of domestic workers, this has led to widespread promiscuity and abuse of women. However, Haiti’s rural women play an economic role in the home and family. In most rural areas, men tend the gardens of plants, but women are considered the owners of the crops and, because they are the sellers, usually control the husband’s income is controlled by Haitian girls.

Marriage, Family and Kinship of haiti girls


The marriage is expected between the elite and middle classes, but less than forty percent of the population does not marry the elite (there is an increase compared with the past as a result of recent Protestant conversions). However, with or without legal marriage, a marriage is generally considered complete and get the respect from the community when a man has built a house for women and after the first child was born. Couples usually live in a property belonging to the man’s parents. Besides the man’s parents usually live in or near the family estate of marriage. This is very common especially in fishing communities and areas where male migration is very high.

Although not legal, at any given time about 10 per cent of men have more than one woman, and these relationships are recognized as legitimate by the community. Women live with their children in separate homes which are provided by man.

Extra-marital relationships do not involve the establishment of independent households, these cases are common among the rural rich men and women less fortunate. Incest is considered first cousins and those relationships are prohibited.

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