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There really is no bad time for a vacation in Honduras. The temperature does not vary greatly in different seasons. But like other Central American countries, Honduras is experiencing a wet season and dry season. Within Honduras, the rainy season occurs from about May to November. On the Caribbean coast and the Bay Islands, rains occur between September and January. Most people prefer to travel to Honduras during the dry season.

Even in the rainy season, there are clear skies for most of the day. The mornings are usually clear and sunny. Rain arrives in the afternoon and usually last an hour or so. On the other hand, the trip to Honduras during the rainy season are often less expensive, so this is not a bad time to consider a vacation in Honduras.

Hurricanes rarely hit Honduras, but when they do (as with Hurricane Mitch in 1998) can be devastating. Look for Honduras travel date information on hurricanes, especially if you plan to visit in September or October to Honduras.

The ideal time to travel to Honduras is probably in late winter or early spring, February and March are good months to travel to Honduras. Forests remain having lush after the rains, but the weather is warm and dry.

One key Honduras travel information is the weather. Temperatures in the Bay Islands of Honduras have an average of 20 degrees Celsius. Along the northern coast, there is an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius). Inside, in San Pedro Sula, for example, higher temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, and these high temperatures are common in the summer before the rains come. The climate is mild in the mountains of Honduras. Tegucigalpa is often 10 degrees cooler than San Pedro Sula.


Events and festivals in Honduras are another important factor to consider when planning trips in Honduras. The week before Easter (Semana Santa) is a time of celebration along much of the country. Festivals in many cities offer unique glimpses of American culture, but hotels are often booked well in advance. Prepare a fixed itinerary and book your hotel room in advance if you travel to Honduras at this time.

The biggest festival is Carnival Honduras La Ceiba, which is held the third Saturday in May. Because La Ceiba is a stop on the path of ecotourism and many trips to Roatan, Utila, or the Mosquito Coast, try to avoid this city if that way in mid May.

Another great party Juniana Fair was held in

Travel to Honduras

Travel to Honduras

San Pedro Sula in the last week of June. Many international flights arrive to Honduras in San Pedro Sula airport. If you have to spend a night or two in the city before going to the Bay Islands or elsewhere, be sure to book rooms in advance enough to travel to Honduras at this time of year.

A holiday in Honduras is a good way to escape the cold of winter in North America or Europe. Every time you decide to go, get the most out of all the things you can do in Honduras.

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