The Coast of El Salvador

The small stretch of Pacific coast that has El Salvador


offers quiet breaths, surf havens, and large resorts. The following are some of the most popular shores of El Salvador:
Costa del Sol: If you want to get away and relax, this is the place to do so. The most famous beach of this beautiful coast is Playa Costa del Sol, a small section of the peninsula in the Pacific that is being gradually built-up as a resort.

Costa del Balsamo: This is a destination for surfers as the best waves are in this area of the Pacific Ocean. Not only is a beautiful tourist spot for surfers but also is full of residents of the city during the weekend. Is the main beach of Salvadorans seeking the sun.

The coast of El Salvador

The coast of El Salvador

In Costa del Balsamo rainless dry season occurs from November to April.

Montecristo Island: This island is one of the least developed on the beaches of El Salvador, and is accessible through La Pita. Located just south of Playa Costa del Sol at the mouth of the Lempa River. Montecristo Island provides, canoeing, bird watching and horseback riding opportunities.

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