Spanish Travel Phrases and Words

1) Spanish: una fonda

English: a restaurant specializing in home cooking, usually in someone’s house

2) Spanish: una loncheria

English: restaurant open only for lunch

3) Spanish: una marisqueria

English: seafood restaurant

4) Spanish: el desayuno

English: Breakfast

5) Spanish: la comida / el almuerzo

English: Lunch

6) Spanish: la cena

English: Dinner

7) Spanish: un antojito

12) English: Appetizer

8) Spanish: una sopa

English: Soup

9) Spanish: una ensalada

English: Salad

10) Spanish: una entrada

English: Entre

11) Spanish: un postre

English: Dessert

Spanish: un licor; un vino; una bebida alcoholica

English: alcohol

13) Spanish: una cerveza

English: beer

14) Spanish: un jugo, un zumo

English: juice

15) Spanish: agua mineral

English: mineral water

16) Spanish: un refresco; una soda; una coca

English: soft drink

17) Spanish: La cuenta, por favor.

English: Check, please.

18) Spanish: Quiero ver la carta, por favor.

English: I would like to see the menu, please.

19) Spanish: Quiero hacer una reservación.

English: I would like to make a reservation.

20) Spanish: Quiero una mesa en la área de no fumar.

English: I want a table in the non-smoking area.

21) Spanish: Tienen una silla alta?

English: Do you have a highchair?

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