Discovery Bay


Port Discovery Bay is a natural attraction located in the middle of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. It is believed that was the place where Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica.

Discovery Bay has peaceful and tranquil landscapes which are certainly fascinating. With sparkling blue waters and white sand, Discovery Bay is a haven of calm in Jamaica. Indeed Discovery Bay was originally called Puerto Seco.

This is an area of great influx of tourists in Jamaica. In Discovery Bay you can find a nice house to stay and is one of the best places for fun in the sun and diving while enjoying the beauty of the submarine.

Discovery Bay is an impressive sight and a historic landmark in the heart of Jamaica.

Attractions in Discovery Bay

The beaches of Puerto Seco. This resort has one of the most beautiful beaches of Jamaica, where you can enjoy peace and tranquility of a vacation while you can smell and taste of Jamaica in all its senses. Columbus Park is near and is filled with locals of Jamaica having the chance to find beautiful girls of Jamaica for inviting them to walk at night. Above all, you can enjoy in Discovery Bay for the tasty local cuisine is undoubtedly an authentic experience of Jamaica.

The Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory: This is a good place to enrich their knowledge of natural water resources and wildlife in Discovery Bay. The Sea Lab is an excellent place to research, seminars, field trips, and workshops.

Columbus Park Discovery Bay: This is an outdoor park and a museum commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Jamaica. It has a mural depicting the activities in the discovery of America by the great explorer Christopher Columbus.













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