Mayagüez, Puerto Rico is one of the main municipalities in Puerto Rico. This city of Mayagüez is considered the largest of the 8 municipalities. Mayagüez is known for its many nicknames, such as City of Pure Water, City of God, City of Mango and La Sultana del Oeste. Faustino Martínez de Matos, Juan de Aponte, and Juan de Silva, led a group of explorers and founded the city of Mayagüez in 1760.

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico has tuna factories and textile factories that operate as its main economic resources. However, these factories have closed for having created many problems for the town as the local population. Now, many industries are growing again and creating its own industrial park not to affect the local population.

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico became popular because of sporting events held there. Two new stadiums were built major baseball stadium and the football field, and the stadium field. Mayaguez also benchmarks its wonderful beauty as City Hall, the Cathedral, the Cultural Center, museums, monuments, parks, libraries, shopping malls, French port, beautiful homes and a planetarium. They also have festivals that are fun and colorful. These events are the Three Kings and Black and White Festivals are held each January. After the holidays Midwives and the National Dance Festival held every February, Mayagüez Carnival is held each May. Cocoli Festival held every July, in August this Mango Festival and Craft and finally the Christmas Fair which is held every November and December.

The main means of transportation is the automobile Mayagüez. They have two roads on the island. For public use, have three cars that give free service to the local population. These serve as a liaison between the Palace and the city center. Rental cars are also used by tourists in Mayagüez.