When to go and weather Jamaica


When to travel to Jamaica
Jamaica is a destination to visit all year round: Winter is generally warm in Jamaica during the day and cool at night, the summer months are very hot. The rainy season in Jamaica runs from May to November, with peaks of greater intensity in May and June and October and November. The rain usually falls for short periods(usually in the afternoon), and may well still be able to enjoy the sun for most of your visit during these months. In the province of Portland, however, it can rain for many days.

Tourist high season or “winter” high season in Jamaica runs from mid December to mid April, when prices of hotels in Jamaica are more expensive. Many hotels charge peak season rates also during Christmas and Easter.

Jamaica weather:

The mountain lodge north of Kingston and the

Weather of Jamaica
Weather of Jamaica

slopes of the southern coast suffered the worst torrential Caribbean rain so there’s littlechance you have a good climate in those areas. Rainfall in Jamaica is rather moderate and fairly constant throughout the year. There is more rain between May and November, and are generally concentrated in a few days. Unless there is a hurricane, Jamaica will offer tropical temperatures ranging from 30 ° C (86 ° F) during the day and 20 ° C(68 ° F) at night.

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