Getting there and around Honduras

The beauty, history, culture, and people of Honduras are not as far as you might think. In many cases, you can reach Honduras faster than you can reach New York. All you really need is a passport. If you stay more than thirty days requires a visa, but otherwise a passport will have no problem.

Flights from the U.S. in Honduras often connect through Miami or Houston. Continental Airlines flies from Houston to San Pedro Sula, in two hours for a few hundred dollars. San Pedro (SAP) is the capital city, but has a very nice new airport offers connecting flights more convenient, and is more central than Tegucigalpa (TGU). 2 other cities in Honduras with two international airports are in La Ceiba (LCE) and Roatan (RTB) in the Bay Islands.

The slower but more picturesque to reach Honduras is making a boat trip. Many companies run ships in the Caribbean travel to Honduras, including a company that operates a ferry from Port Isabel, Texas, Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

Once in Honduras, you can continue your journey by road or by air. The three airlines of Honduras, Islander, Sosa and Atlantic, connected between its point of entry to all other destinations in Honduras, including Utila and the Bay Islands. You can also reach the Bay of Islands via the ferry from La Ceiba, which will take a couple of hours and costs about ten dollars.

You can drive between cities, but the quality of the roads for all road travel to perform in Honduras, including the road between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro are very stressful because they are very broken and congested. The so-called “chicken buses”, however, are quite affordable and efficient. Buses (for example, Ticabus) are also an option if you want to travel between Central American countries. The Panamerican highway connects El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, while the western road enters Guatemala. If you plan to make the border crossing, be sure to take appropriate visas for each country.

Honduras Flag

Honduras Flag

Honduras is generally a safe country for tourists, but you should exercise discretion when traveling at night and avoid wearing flashy jewelry. Also, be prepared to see people living in poverty, and obtain information about charities to which you can donate.

When placing the bag for his trip to Honduras, do not carry so many extra things, because you can find most things in Honduras such as prescription medicines. Nor is it necessary to bring bottled water, even though they should not drink the water, Aguazul, local bottling water is safe and elsewhere sell their bottles of mineral water. Also, leave space to bring the souvenirs, the Hondurans are exceptional craftsmen to work wood, leather and fabric. Go dressed for a tropical climate, but bring a jacket is appropriate if you want to visit the mountains. Finally, for the most part, you should dress conservatively unless a fashionable beach resort.

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