Negril is a great city with a large resort hotel located in the county of Westmoreland and beautiful beaches as well. Negril is known as the informal capital for business and pleasure are treated with great informality. The atmosphere casual and relaxed atmosphere makes Negril is a good place to meet friends from Jamaica and recreate in this heavenly place.

Negril is known as a place where the beach is endless and the nights are very active and fun.

Food & Restaurants in Negril:

There are many restaurants in Negril. There are a variety of restaurants that fit your budget and your desires at the same time. For example, some restaurants are important Negril Margaritaville Negril (Jamaica kitchen and USA), Negril Yacht Club (North American cuisine and Jamaica), and Robinson Crusoe (Jamaica and International cuisine)

Attractions in Negril:

Although there is plenty to do in Negril, except enjoy the active night and tour the surrounding villages, there are still a lot of attractions to visit in the area.

The Villa Belvedere: A family-owned farm, which is one of the first sugar cane plantations that existed in Jamaica. This farm is open to visitors and has a spectacular view of its rivers and waterfalls as well as its ruins and wildlife.

The Negril Lighthouse: Built in 1894 and was operated with a gas lamp until 1956. In 1956 he was replaced by acetylene gas lamp, and in 1985, was powered by solar energy.

Ja-ja original. An art gallery located in the study of Coco La Palm Resort with a large collection of paintings and other art objects crafted by talented artists from Jamaica.













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