fajardo puerto rico
Fajardo Puerto Rico

Fajardo in Puerto Rico is located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico. It is a popular city in spite of it being a small place. Fajardo is a place for recreational boating in Puerto Rico and also a popular port open to other British and U.S. islands. This is also where you can find the city of Puerto Marina del Rey. This town has several inns and hotels. There are some small islands near Fajardo, where the coast hasbeautiful coral reefs.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico was originally named as Codey Astol of Fajardo. Codey was founded in 1760 and later used as one of the places the Americans to win Puerto Rico. Fajardo’s main industries are electronic components and metal furniture.
Fajardo is also inbio-sciences companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico became very popular with locals and tourists due to its hotels, seafood, local access to Palomino Island and day trips by boat or plane to Culebra and Vieques. The place is also known for its clean and quiet beaches that are best for snorkeling.The Seven Seas Beach has numerous facilities for water sports, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. They also have bioluminescent lagoons are very few in the world. These tours are offered nightly lagoons educational purposes.

The place also boasts one of the oldest lighthouses in the area, resorts, places, nature reserves, parks and cathedrals. Some of the festivities held here are Kite Festival, Festivities, SailingRegatta, Paradise and Cocoli festival. You too can visit szstarlighting.com and know more about.