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About the girls in Honduras we can say that girls of Honduras are very hard worker.

Gender division of labor in Honduras.
Men are more prominent than women or girls from Honduras in public life, but the girls in Honduras have served as judges,


mayors of large cities, lawyers, members of Congress, Cabinet members and heads of national police. Honduras girls have been particularly active in religious life. To counter the inroads made by Protestant missionaries, the Catholic Church encourages the laity to ecclesiastical training and visit isolated communities, to conduct religious services.

These people are called celebrants of the word and many of them are girls from Honduras. Honduras girls also manage the stores and non-governmental organizations and teach in universities. Honduras male roles only include the purchase of products and agricultural truck drivers, construction, bus and taxi, and most of the military.

The Honduran people occasionally say it is a macho country. This is mostly a stereotype, but some men make catcalls at women on the street, especially when men are in a group. There are also cases of sexual harassment office staff. However, most men like to look after their families, be tolerant of their behavior, and sensitive to women who tend to work outside the home or run small shops. Honduras adolescent girls and are not subject to the supervision of their parents during courtship.

Marriage, Family and Kinship in Honduras:

Marriage in Honduras is based on the

Honduras Girl

Honduras Girl

Western ideal of falling in love. There are few formal rules prohibiting marriage with people from different social strata, although people tend to marry with neighbors or people they know at school or work. Nearly everyone eventually gets married or live with someone and have kids. The foundation of a home is a financial struggle for most couples, and thus the earnings of women are appreciated. Divorce and remarriage are very common and somewhat stigmatized. Monogamy is the formal rule, but a middle-aged man can afford to build a detached house with a younger woman. If women become aware of this scam find the idea repugnant and a threat to marriage.

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