Santa Catarina Palopo


The visit to the village of Santa Catarina Palopo will open your eyes to the culture, traditions and customs of Guatemala. In this town you can learn more about this country’s culture and history, you should visit the small towns where the Indians live, and what better place to meet the


indigenous people of Guatemala and the people of Santa Catarina Palopo.
The place is a small town near Lake Atitlan, which is a famous lake in Guatemala, and is surrounded by three volcanoes. From Santa Catarina Palopo, you can also visit the other two small neighboring peoples, near Lake Atitlan, which are those of Santiago and San Antonio Palopo.
From Santa Catarina Palopo which is near the lake, is very easy to have a good view of the place. You can have wonderful views while driving a boat or canoe. Just make sure you are with an experienced guide, especially if it is the first time he travels to the village of

Santa Catarina Palopo Lake

Santa Catarina Palopo Lake

Santa Catarina Palopo.
Besides the lake, you should also visit one of the weavers of the village women. They make the best clothes woven from Guatemala, probably even in all America. You should also visit the Church of Santa Catarina Palopo, the town’s main church.
Before going to Santa Catarina Palopo, you must make a reservation at the bets in town. Everything about the hotel is great, staff, food, service, views, environment and facilities. After a long day of hiking and taking pictures, there is nothing better than staying in a comfortable hotel with friendly staff and delicious food. You will feel as if you belong to one big happy family during their stay at Casa Palopo.

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