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Size: 4,244 meters square

Population: 2,847,232

Duration of the flight to Jamaica
Between 10 and 13 hours out of Europe. There are flights available with Air Jamaica, among other airlines.

Airport Information Jamaica

There are two international airports: Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (about 13 kilometers from the capital) and Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (2 miles from Montego Bay).
From the Norman Manley airport in Kingston, a taxi will set you back $ 15 to $ 21. From Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay, a taxi will set you back $ 10. There are many buses on the road from the airport, and are not very expensive.

Safety in Jamaica

We traveled to Jamaica and we can assure that no more dangerous than any other country. It is, however, unwise to venture into certain neighborhoods of Kingston (center), both day and night, as in other parts of the world, including New York, for example. In short, Jamaica is not as dangerous as the Foreign Ministry said. We toured drive from Montego Bay to Negril, to Black River and arrived at the Bay Discovery through Mandeville, Christiana and Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, etc and have not suffered any robbery. As for driving, the roads are so bad, but actually are rural roads. We recommend you drive slowly and use the horn to reach the curve, where visibility is not clear. The most dangerous drivers are the taxi drivers do not always respect the speed limits, although the rules are strict penalties.
As for cannabis, possession, consumption, sale and growth are strictly prohibited, but the reality is very different. Beware: the airports are now equipped with highly efficient detection systems for illicit goods.

Tips for travelling to Jamaica:

Jamaica, a paradise for lovers of entertainment abounds with amazing places to discover, as the Cockpit Country and limestone towers, as well as the magnificent Blue Mountains, where cocoa and coffee plantations are located side by side.
In this case, be smart, take your time and enjoy a pleasant stay in Jamaica.

TELEPHONE in Jamaica:

To call Jamaica from the UK, dial 001 (U.S. country code) + 876 (Jamaica country code) + local number.
From Jamaica to Spain, dial 00 + 44 + the number you are calling.
To call within the island, dial only the last 7 numbers.

Information on Jamaica

LANGUAGE of Jamaica
English is the official language. The Jamaican patois is a Creole English with African influences and is also widely spoken in Jamaica.

Migration in Jamaica:
The visa is not required for stays of less than a month, but a passport valid for six months after the date of arrival is required to enter Jamaica.

Religions in Jamaica
80% of Jamaicans are Christian. Of these, 38% are Anglican, Baptist 18%, 8% Catholic, 6% and 5% Methodists Presbyterians. Jamaica will also be in with the Pentecostals, Quakers and Christian Scientists. Other forms of worship practiced in the island are: Pocomania, a type of religion of the spirit Kumina which is a belief of African origin, religion or Garveyism Rastafarian, a true black nationalist cult of Jamaica. And finally, there are believers in animist sects and voodoo.

Jamaica currency
The currency is the U.S. dollar in Jamaica, Jay (JMD). 1 British pound = approximately 134 JMD. But U.S. Dollars are also accepted. Credit cards (Master Card, Visa and American Express) and travelers checks are accepted almost everywhere on the island, ie hotels, restaurants and shops. ATMs are not always reliable and few of them are linked to international networks, but in any case, there are enough benches where you can exchange money. Beware of opening hours of the banks, banks give Jamaica working from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday.

MOVE around in Jamaica

Air Jamaica cheap plane tickets
Air Jamaica cheap plane tickets

Most taxis are not equipped with meters, so be negotiated before leaving. In Jamaica, there are two types of taxis: Taxis from the government and those who are licensed to Juta (Jamaica Union of tourists), which are more expensive, specialized in the transport of tourists. Can be found in airports and near most hotels.
Even get a little more expensive, the buses also cover the island and make very frequent stops.

Buses are generally cheaper means of transportation around the island. Frequent trips to all parts of Jamaica. Actually you can walk across the island with the equivalent of 2 USD. Destiny is written on the windshield. Often the passenger transport buses are overloaded and have poultry, and a cumbersome luggage and all travel to the rhythm of Reggae. Be advised that these buses only leave when full, so you can have a bit before leaving.

In 1988 a cyclone damaged part of the railway, and reconstruction work has not started yet.
You’ll find a series of car rental companies on the island. You can rent a car from the airport, but will be more expensive. In high season we advise you book your car in advance.
To rent a car, it is advisable to take out an insurance policy. Jamaican drivers are dangerous, so be careful. To rent a car, you must have at least 21 years of age and possess an international driver’s license (Note: Some leases do not hire their cars to people under 25 years).Finally, remember that in Jamaica you drive on the left!

For air travel, Air Jamaica Express is the national airline that flies to major cities of the island (Montego Bay, Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio).


HEALTH in Jamaica:

No vaccinations are required. However, be sure to stay current with their vaccinations: tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and B and diphtheria. Do not forget to bring good sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Also bring mosquito repellent. If you make the diving, take a minute to disinfect the wounds caused by coral cuts, and it takes long time to heal. You can drink tap water almost everywhere. However, it is advisable to drink bottled water in remote regions.

Useful telephone numbers in Jamaica:

Emergency ambulance services:
Ambucare Ambulance: 204 Mountain Vw Ave
Kingston, Jamaica, 6
Tel: 876-978-2327 or 876-978-6021 or 876-978-8253 or 876-927-5337

St. John Ambulance
Country Road 2E
Kingston 5
The West Indies
Tel: 876 926 7656

St John Ambulance in Ocho Rios: 876-994-1126

List of hospitals in Jamaica:
Hospital of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston, 7
Tel: (876) 977-2607 or 927-1620 (876)

Kingston Public Hospital: North Street, Kingston
tel: (876) 922-0210

Hospital Medical Associates 18 Tangerine Place, Kingston 10
tel: (876) 926-1400

The Cornwall Regional Hospital, Mount Salem, Montego Bay
Tel: (876) 952 5100 -9

The voltage is 110 or 220 V. The adapters are easy to find in stores.

Jamaica Statistics
2.5 million visitors a year.

must pay 15% tax on hotel services as well as in restaurants and in most stores. As for restaurants, taxis and porters service is rarely included in the price, and is recommended to add a gratuity of 15%.