Farallon, Panama is located an hour and a half drive from the capital, Panama City. Because it is home to many beaches, most of theattractions are large hotels. You need not worry about the level of accommodation as the hotel has 5 star hotels worldwide.

The nicer to place to get lodge is the Royal Decameron Resort Hotel. This is located in Playa Blanca, the beach of silvery white sand offers a complete package for all its activities whether horseback riding andgolf. Eight restaurants are commercially available to visitors. When you want to indulge in the afternoon, just go to the nearest room hotel massage and enjoy a soothing massage to massage class. There are also bikes for rent, water scooters and cars are also available to tour the entire complex.

On the shores of Mar del Arco, Farallon has another exclusive resortfor you and that is Barcelo Playa Blanca Beach Resort. Like theDecameron, this hotel has plenty of facilities to ease their weariness of life in their workplace. The Casinos are available for you to enjoythe nightlife in Farallon. This hotel of 225 rooms is also home to some concerts in the amphitheater.

Panama can not be a home for tall buildings, but no doubt, will offer very nice hotel in harmony with the natural landscape. Panama is thesafest country in Latin America, there can speak English so it does not have to take Spanish classes to mix and communicate with the people of this place.