Taboga Island


Taboga Island is a treasure island of Panama, because of its clear waters, warm weather, and flora and fauna. Get to Taboga Island is possible in less than an hour by ferry. You can also take a day tour on the day trip to Taboga Island during their stay in Panama City. At night, the moonlight illuminates the sea romantic undoubtedly capture your heart and soul.

Twelve miles from the mainland is the exact distance they must travel before reaching the island of Taboga. It is very likely to know that you are near the island when fresh air hit your face. On the north side of the Taboga Island, you can see the city of San Pedro where most companies are located tourist services such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. While in the south of Taboga Island you will find a protected habitat for migrating brown pelicans.

Bathe on the beaches of white sand is the primary habits of tourists. On the island of Taboga, you can sunbathe on the sand, collectseashells by the seashore and even spend the whole day in the sun, but do not forget to wear sunscreen. Among the places to stay you can have many inns, hotels, guest rooms and in some cases small cottages. All these rooms have views of beautiful landscapes.

Since the location of the island is in the middle of the sea, sometimes people are threatened by the possibility of hurricanes. But do not panic because the country never had previous hurricanesand hopefully not ever experience a terrible thing like that. So, go ahead and explore the island of Taboga in Panama and reflect on its history by taking long walks along the beaches and other destinations.

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