Travel to Antigua and Barbuda


In 1784, Admiral Horatio Nelson chose Antigua, situated in the center of the Leeward Islands as a base for the British fleet in the Caribbean. It’s hard not to notice because it was chosen because the island has a varied coastline with secure connection points, a coral reef that serves as a constant protection and many trade routes. We should add that the beaches are fine white sands, there is bright sunshine and a relaxed attitude. So no surprise that Antigua, along with her younger sister island Barbuda are now one of the most popular tourist spots in the Caribbean.

Along with the uninhabited Redonda Island, Antigua and Barbuda form a small nation with a population largely descended from African slaves and a mix of Europeans. Visitors flock to Antigua and Barbuda to enjoy its beautiful beaches and excellent hiking in Antigua, the protected nature reserve of Redonda, the exclusive resorts and bird sanctuary on Barbuda. In Antigua and Barbuda snorkeling and diving among wrecks along coral reefs are first class. The warm winds of Antigua and Barbuda attracted Horatio Nelson to bring the British fleet ships safely to port in Antigua and Barbuda, and now these hot winds are
attracting thousands of tourists.

The largest city of Antigua and Barbuda and the major cruise destination is St Johns. This city is located in Antigua. With a strong maritime history, the city is full of attractions related to the sea and offers visitors the opportunity to shop, eat and rest. Codrington (named for the sugar plantations that belonged to Christopher Codrington) is Barbuda’s main city and acts as a base for explorations of the coast, where many wrecks, and also serves as commercial center for the population Island frigate. Visitors come to this beautiful city on the island to enjoy the vast expanse of white sand beaches and mild and the unique atmosphere of the Eastern Caribbean.













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