San Pedro Sula


Located in the Sula Valley or “Valley of the Birds,” San Pedro Sula is not only the second largest city in Honduras, but also the industrial center. It is also the capital of the department of


Cortes and an important transportation hub in the country. This is a commercial producer of bananas, coffee, sugar cane, beef, the snuff and forestry.

San Pedro Sula offers tourism field. It boasts various facilities and buildings of interest. The Museum of Anthropology and History is a museum displaying pre-Columbian artifacts that represent the evolution of the city. It also has a research library. The Museum of Nature and the Planetarium Children are also good places to visit. The museum displays the flora and fauna that surround the city, while the Planetarium is an astronomy museum that provides information about the solar system, constellations, etc..

Other cultural attractions and historic San Pedro Sula are the Cathedral, the magnificent City Hall, the old railway station of San Pedro Sula, and the University of San Pedro Sula. The city also boasts many large parks. Central Park shows a small gazebo and is where the city was founded. Water parks like Wonderland, Zizima Eco Aquatic Park, and Armenta Area are a must when traveling to San Pedro Sula. San Pedro Sula addition not only has the cold waters of the river that run through the area, but also has great recreational areas, especially for families.

When traveling to San Pedro Sula, you can also visit their great theaters like the Teatro Francisco Saybe, and shop for handicrafts, pottery, souvenirs, eating local delicacies of Honduras and also buy flowers Guamilito Market.










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