Getting there and around Jamaica

Getting to Jamaica:

Jamaica is a country easily accessible. Jamaica has one of the best routes in the Caribbean, both from North America (usually Miami or New York) and from Europe (through London and several cities in Germany) there are direct flights to Kingston, Jamaica. From Australasia visitors must take a connecting flight in North America. Most international visitors arrive at the international airport in Montego Bay Sangster called, but in Jamaica there is another international airport in Kingston. In Jamaica it is also easy to reach by ferry from nearby islands and the east coast of North America. Jamaica is also a port of call for cruise ships. There is a departure tax for tourists of $ 27.00.

Getting around in Jamaica:

Flights between islands can be done with the airline Air Jamaica Express and Timair. This is the fastest way to travel between Montego Bay, Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. Helicopters also can be rented for scenic rides or for customized trips, but these trips are very expensive. The bus system in Jamaica is the epitome of chaos: timetables do not really exist and buses are often literally overflowing with passengers and you will travel very uncomfortable. Buses and minibuses do service virtually every town in the country. The advantage is they are cheap and a great way to meet the locals.

Catamaran-Cruises in Jamaica

Catamaran-Cruises in Jamaica

In Jamaica there are besides numerous local and international operators rent cars and motorcycles. The road conditions vary from excellent to terrible, and temperament of the conductor varies just so impatient to suicide. When driving in Jamaica do not be surprised if you honk all the time, stay calm and stay safe, without causing fights with other drivers, given that Jamaica can be very violent some people. Very few Jamaicans have bicycles, but you can rent bikes in most cities in Jamaica. If you bring your own bike from home, take as many parts as possible because there is no bike shop in which to fix them.

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