Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is filled with culture and history and is one of the top destinations for tourists visiting the Dominican Republic. This is the oldest city in the New World, where American communities were founded.


This is where the first cathedral and the first hospital can be visited. In Santo Domingo it feels like life was like in the fifteenth century when you walk through the cobbled streets while admiring the Spanish colonial architecture. Santo Domingo is the Caribbean’s most diverse city, where a variety of restaurants and nightlife converge. In Santo Domingo there are great restaurants everywhere and even Santo Domingo residents find it difficult to avoid.

Santo Domingo is a bustling city where there are activities throughout the day and night. It is a place to meet new friends. In fact, many singles who visited the site have found a partner for life before leaving the city. Shopping is not a problem in Santo Domingo as popular shops and multinational companies have expanded their branches here and many more will come in the future. In Santo Domingo there are even shops with good discounts, where for less money you can buy excellent products.

Travel Santo Domingo
Travel Santo Domingo

There are products on clearance throughout the year, while the most demanding tourists can go to stores that offer exclusive brands.

Santo Domingo is located in the south of the Dominican Republic. Tourists can arrive by bus. If you do not like traveling by bus, from the airport, just try look appropriate rates which are published at the airport and be sure to negotiate the fare before boarding the taxi. You can also rent a car to get to your destination. It is not difficult to locate the city and that since the route is very easy to arrive at Santo Domingo. You only have to travel through the Duarte Highway and cross the Bridge of the Americas. But if you want to save money, public buses are cheaper than taxis to go to the city of Santo Domingo.