History of Belize


When we talk about the history of Belize we have to mention that the Mayan civilization spread into the area of Belize between 1500 BC and AD 300 AD and not flourished


until about 1200. Several important archaeological sites in Belize such as Caracol, Lamanai, Lubaantún, Altun Ha, Xunantunich and statements reflect the advanced civilization of the Maya and the great people who came to have at that time.

Another important event in the history of Belize is that contact with Europeans began in 1502 when Christopher Columbus sailed along the coast. The first European settlement registered in Belize was initiated by the shipwrecked sailors of England in 1638. During the next 150 years, more English settlements were established. This period of history of Belize was also marked by piracy, indiscriminate logging, and sporadic attacks by Indians and neighboring Spanish settlements. Both Spain and Britain claimed the land in Belize for many years until Britain defeated the Spanish at the Battle of St. George’s Cay (1798). Therefore Belize became a British colony in 1840, known as British Honduras, and a crown colony in 1862. The complete internal autonomy was granted in January 1964. In 1973, the country changed its name to Belize.

More information about the history of Belize:

Belize became independent on September 21, 1981. But Guatemala, which had lodged in the territory since

Belize Flag
Belize Flag

1800, refused to recognize it. British troops remained in the country to defend. Although the dispute between Guatemala and Great Britain remained unresolved, Guatemala recognized Belize’s sovereignty in September 1991. Guatemala, however, still claims more than half the territory of Belize. Prime Minister Said Musa was reelected to a second term in 2003. In 2008 parliamentary elections, the United Democratic Party won 57% of the vote (25 of 31 seats) and the United Kingdom’s Party 41% (6 seats). Participation was 74.5%.Dean Barrow was sworn in as prime minister on February 8. On February 11, announced his cabinet, which is included as Finance Minister Wilfred Elrington as foreign minister, and Carlos Perdomo as minister of national security.

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