Santa Ana


Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador, near San Salvador, and is located 64 miles west of the capital. The first name given to the city was “Priestesses City.” Later this


city was given the name of “Santa Ana” by Bishop Fray Bernardino Villalpando. On May 22, 1824, the city was proclaimed the capital of the province of Sonsonate, by Executive Order. Twenty years later the province of Santa Ana was re-christened with its present name.

The city has a population of 490,000 inhabitants and is situated at 665 meters above sea level, covering 2,023 square kilometers. It is known today as a region rich in sugar, coffee and livestock due to its excellent location in the valley Cihautehuacan. Santa Ana is much quieter than San Salvador, and its climate is milder.

This makes the city a great place to relax, if you are

Santa Ana city
Santa Ana city

walking the streets, appreciating the most striking buildings in the city will be amazed by the beautiful local architecture. Visitors to the city can visit both volcanoes Izalco and Santa Ana or the nearby forest reserve Cerro Verde National Park. Santa Ana is also known for its beautiful examples of Spanish colonial architecture like the Cathedral of Santa Ana and Santa Ana Theater Another great aspect of Santa Ana is Lake Coatepeque.

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