Irish Town


Irish Town is the home of Chris Blackwell, with spectacular views of the hills of the strawberry. This place is considered the best for lunch and to stay in the Blue Mountains. It’s where Bob Marley was taken for recovery after failed assassination attempt against him. Other popular musicians like Mick Jagger, U2 and the Rolling Stones have performed in this field.

Just above Irish Town there is a coffee plantation called Craighton Estate. There occurs Blue Mountain coffee, which is a popular gourmet coffee that is found only in Blue Mountain. In this farm you can find several places away from the hills of Strawberry and is owned by the Japanese company Ushima (the largest coffee company in the world)

Irish Town is situated in a village called New Castle, which offers the best views of Kingston, Jamaica. One of the famous places in New Castle is Catherine, the AM Peak, a mountain peak with the name of Lady Catherine Long, the first woman to climb in 1760.

Places of interest in Irish Town:

Irish Town is full of the most romantic places in the world.

Strawberry Hill Resort. It is a place with a breathtaking view and full romantic Caribbean. From there you get a good view of the Blue Mountains and the city of Kingston. It is considered an oasis at the top of the mountain and has twelve beautiful Georgian houses. This place was originally owned by Horace Walpole, who was transferred there by the British royal family and was a coffee plantation before he came into the hands of Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records Label. Irish Town is a popular destination to be visited by important artists, musicians and actors. Irish Town is a paradise for relaxation and recreation.
Craighton Estate Coffee Farm and Casa Grande are considered the finest Georgian houses in the world. A country’s national treasure, is the House Craighton, this is a privately owned farm is a retirement home for senior people of Jamaica.













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