Contadora Island


Contadora Island is the largest seaside destination of Panama. Will certainly give you the perfect bed may experience during your vacation. You can choose from a wide range of hotels and inns, without worrying about availability. The only means of transportation you see here are golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles and quad bikes along the island’s main boulevard.

The media has its famous CBS television show, Survivor, in the same place. Bodies of water surrounding the island are mostly warm, but cold weather in February though. You can swim, dive orsnorkeling, but be careful because the water bottom is stonefish andcone shells that are quite lethal. In which case, caution should betaken very present. The beautiful lines are also under water.

The place is recommended for people who want to get a nice tan on your skin during summer. If you do not want to dive or swim, you can visit the white sand beaches of the island and read a couple of good books for your relaxation. You can also shop around the grocery store to eat different delicious. But here note that ATMs are not available in this city you have to bring their money with you in an emergency.

Contadora Island is definitely a unique place for leisure. More than ten beaches stimulants are offered here. Do not worry, because every step in this journey filled with energy and never feel tired and can go all the beautiful beaches of Isla Contadora