Travel to Montserrat


Montserrat is an island of calm, relaxed where you can hike, bird watching, snorkeling or enjoy a few drinks in a game of dominoes.

The small Caribbean island suffered a devastating blow when the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted massively in 1995 and again in 1997.Almost half of the island was uninhabited, including the capital, Plymouth, which is now half submerged in volcanic ash and mud.

The effects are not limited to physical destruction. Montserrat’s economy was severely damaged, and two thirds of Montserrat’s population left the island.

The volcano is still active and much of the island remains on permanent alert for evacuation, but this in itself is an attraction for tourists looking for something beyond the usual experience of Caribbean beaches and luxury resorts.

Geography of Montserrat:
Montserrat is an island that is part of the Leeward Islands group in the Eastern Caribbean. It is a volcanic island with black sand beaches and tropical vegetation. There are three main volcanic mountains on the island and its highest peak is 915mm (3.002pies). The group ofhouses the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted in July 1995 and to date is continuously active. The Great Falls of the Alps, who once showed one of the most spectacular views of the West Indies, has been destroyed by the volcano.













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