Santa Rosa de Copan


If you want a weekend getaway to refresh your summer


holiday or not scorching, Santa Rosa de Copan in Honduras is the place to visit. Santa Rosa de Copan is located in the western region and in the mountains of Santa Rosa de Copan. The city of Santa Rosa de Copan promises tourists a very cool mountain climate, and interesting scenes of colonial architecture with its narrow cobblestone streets and colonial style houses.

Santa Rosa is rich in cultural heritage and its historic center has been declared a national monument in Honduras. The city offers plenty of hotels, restaurants, cinemas and nightlife, and tours a day really fun. Celaque National Park is a great place to visit. A visit to this park can be accompanied by a trip to the hot springs, and a visit to the towns of Bethlehem and Gualcho Corquín, which have a large church and some of the best Sunday markets throughout Honduras. Riding and walking tours are available at the Holy Name, which also have trails that lead to wetlands for a bath. Wildlife Reserve Puca is a cloud forest reserve also boasts great scenery.

Historic sites in Santa Rosa de Copan include Western Hospital, Hospice Amparo San Antonio, Flor de Copan, Edificio de la Casa de Cultura (Culture Palace), the Central Market and more. Santa Rosa de Copan also boasts great crafts that really surprise tourists. The Blacksmithing, pottery, cigars, leather, wood workshops and leather products are just some of the manual activities that are done in the city. Its leather goods including belts, saddles, bags, shirts and other souvenirs are made with great artistic taste in Santa Rosa de Copan.










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