Not content with their previous vacation? In Colon, you will have the opportunity to spend a memorable vacation, you know
Species of wild flora and fauna in danger of extinction merged in a spectacular natural sanctuary. Three of the most visited places in Columbus are described below to serve as your travel guide to Colon, Panama.

Chagres National Park, located east of the Panama Canal, covering hundreds of thousands of hectares of the city. You can see Lake Alajuela flowing peacefully to Cerro Azul. On top of it, you can have a spectacular view of the entire Panama City. To get there, it only takes thirty minutes by road to Columbus and after that, you can enjoy the most impressive sites of the city.

The caves Bocas del Toro is a cave on the island, where there are different species of bats. This cave of coral rock is well explored by tourists from around the world. However, you should use only light clothes for the expedition and flashlights in the pocket that will guide you through the night.

The Bird Island or Swan is a sanctuary for various types of birds in Panama. Pelicans, gulls and frigates are among the most common animals you can find on your trip to this island. To enjoy your stay on the island, do not forget your binoculars hanging around his neck and take your camera handy to capture the best pictures of animals.

The city of Colon is named after the name of Christopher Columbus. This brilliant browser really deserves this honor and thatother browsers continue his legacy. You can even witness this great expedition once decided to visit the wonderful city of Colon.