Guanaja Island


While people go on vacation to have fun, you can not deny that most of them go on a journey to escape a hectic life and enjoy the solitude and mystery of the destination that holds the


Guanaja Island
This is the reason why the island of Guanaja Honduras, is a hit with tourists who come to visit Central America. Located in the easternmost part of the Bay Islands, Guanaja Island has spectacular beaches and spacious they are full of English-speaking islanders a unique and enjoyable. Guanaja Island known as the Isle of Pines is the only island where conifers dominate the vegetation. The peak of the island makes Guanaja Island is the highest in the Bay Islands and offers great panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and hiking opportunities.

The island has isolated resorts that can be reached by boat. These centers offer opportunities for private holiday in a lush and relaxing environment. The adventurers will especially enjoy the island of Guanaja, offering plenty of fun activities for visitors, such as snorkeling, exploring reefs, a site of volcanic pinnacles and caves, and walks on the island. When it comes to diving tourists are likely to be fascinated as Guanaja Island has about 45 points which you can perform diving. There is a new dive site in the coral mestizos. Believe it or not it is called as such because the water depth of 65 feet includes statues of Christopher Columbus and an Indian chief part of a wreck and many artifacts including Spanish guns.

Other activities you can do while visiting the island Guanaja are hiking, kayaking, diving, visits to waterfalls, swimming, and uncover ancient Mayan artifacts.










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