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The people of Panama: The Women of Panama and its relation to work.

The new President of Panama Mireya Moscoso, who ironically had a victory against the son of the general who overthrew her husband Arnulfo Arias Moscoso coup in 1968. The choice was a surprise Moscoso in Panama, where women generally occupy a secondary position in this country heavily male dominated and macho. The power of a woman from Panama in business has always been less than 10 percent. Time will tell what effect a female on the country’s boardrooms and back rooms of the country’s business infrastructure.

The female business travelers are likely to have a chivalrous behavior such as opening a door or take a seat for women, are common attitudes. This sense of decorum Panama means that foreign businesswomen should experience few problems with unwanted sexual attention. Panama women can even take to the streets and eat alone, but most women of Panama will feel more comfortable if they are accompanied by a man.

Women of Panama in the present:
Today there is an established presence of women in Panama in the workforce management and executives who travel in search of new business opportunities. However, gender-specific concerns need to be addressed when doing business and traveling to a country, place or culture not their own.

Business Women
In business, you have control of the situation. Be courteous and helpful to women in Panama without setting your own limits. If you are the leader of a working group or the chief negotiator, make it clear that this is the case, even before its first meeting. Status and authority come with titles. Wear yours with pride if you are a woman from Panama.

Cultural considerations for women of Panama:

In general, women traveling to a foreign country should adopt the conservative tone and behavior to maintain does not draw much attention, at least until you know women well in Panama and the details of women’s roles in Panama.

Tips for women of Panama:
– State your wishes clearly, so that some moves do not become a problem to be interpreted two ways.
– Carry a photograph of her husband and their children (even if you do not have one) to avoid harassment.
– Try to find other women to sit close to public transportation, or ride in women-only compartments or areas designated for women.
– To fend off harassment ignore sexual advances, hissing and booing in several ways, avoid eye contact or participate in any conversation.
















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