When to go and weather Costa Rica

When traveling to Costa Rica


The best time to visit Costa Rica, in large part depends on what you would like to see and how long have to go to Costa Rica. We have visited each season and while there are advantages in the dry


season which is considered peak season, we sincerely believe it is better to travel to Costa Rica during the rainy season is the low season.

Weather in Costa Rica:

Dry or wet? It is the most important thing you should ask when planning a trip to Costa Rica. The rainy season is in winter, which usually falls between May and November. The rest of the year, from December to April, is the dry season or summer. Asking this question also serves to ask when traveling more number of tourists. The dry season is high season for tourists, which means finding most places full of tourists and higher prices. As such, the low budget traveler might consider a visit to Costa Rica during the rainy season. During the rainy season, the sun shines in general for much of the day, and most rain storms occur in the evening in an intense but fleeting. Travel to Costa Rica during the dry season is critical for those seeking a perfect tan or for those visiting remote areas especially where the dirt roads and trails are impassable for weeks during the rainy season.

Costa Rica Waterfall
Costa Rica Central America

In terms of real time, the amount of rain that actually falls in each of these stations depends largely on geographic location. For example, on the Pacific coast and the highlands during the dry season does not rain during any week. By contrast, in the Caribbean coast, rainfall can be expected almost daily regardless of the season.
The temperature is determined by altitude rather than seasons, the highlands have very warm temperatures during the day and enjoyable evenings, while the lowlands are more pleasant temperatures both day and night.

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