If you are trying to find the best beaches in Honduras, the city indicated is Roatan to go enjoy beautiful beaches. Located on the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan City offers some of the


best places in the world for diving. The city is wonderful and is surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world. The island offers white sand beaches and clear waters perfect for swimming and diving, and has samples of many varieties of aquatic life.

There are countless things to do when you are in Roatan Honduras, either in water or on land. The boat will take you to Tabutne diving and snorkeling in deep water sites in the village of West End.
Roatan offers the possibility to dive into sea Coral Reef. Roatan sailing trips are also available for those who like to snorkel and sunbathe on the sea. For those evenings of calm and tranquility, a trip to the country house of Mango Creek offers rivers where many fish and it’s great fun for visitors.

On land, there are many places to visit in Roatan as well, such as the Butterfly Garden, the Carambola Gardens and the Canal of mangroves. Roatan offers horseback riding on the beach in West End, as well as perform canopy tours. The city also has fun and shopping areas where you can buy art from Central America, cigars, shirts and much more reasonably priced.

Roatan, visitors can find interesting attractions of the natives, such as the Lala Monkey or the basilisk, the beautiful red parrot Lored, and the surprising Yaba Ding Dings, pieces of broken pottery that were found by early settlers of the islands Bay. ”










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