Practical information of Nicaragua



Size: 130000.KM2

Population: 4540000 inhabitants

Distance from Nicaragua:
The journey from London is approximately 16 hours. Expect to make at least one connection, very often from Spain.

About Nicaragua Airport
Sandino Airport is located 7.5 miles from the center of Managua (25 min). The fare for taxi from the airport is approximately $ 20. If you are planning to rent a car for your stay in Nicaragua, please do so immediately upon arrival. Take a 4 × 4 because the roads are in poor condition. Hertz and Avis find and hire local agencies at the airport. You must be at least 25 years of age to drive. A driver’s license in your country is enough to drive for a period of 30 days. A shuttle bus will also take you to the city in an hour.

SECURITY in Nicaragua

The mountains in the north and east are very dangerous areas. It is highly recommended to avoid them. The attacks are often performed by armed gangs. As a general rule, it is best to avoid driving at night. Do not carry objects that could arouse envy. In the case of an attack, does not oppose any resistance: guns are commonly used in parts of Nicaragua. Be cautious to the population. There are many drug dealers, often very aggressive. Nicaragua is located in an area of high seismic activity.

Tips for traveling to Nicaragua:

When landing in Managua, you should stay for a few days in that city. The capital city is the most convenient starting point to visit the lake district of Managua, Nicaragua in general. For the rest of your vacation, you have several options available to ride in Nicaragua. If you like water sports, go to the West Coast for surfing and the many beaches. From Managua, access to beaches this region is easy. For those with more time, I suggest you go to the Mosquito Coast, and in particular in the Islands Mai, these Caribbean islands are ideal for a beach holiday. Do not forget that the North and the country’s mountains have not yet been made very safe. Since the end of civil war, it is recommended not to travel there.

TELEPHONE in Nicaragua
From the UK, dial the international code 00 (505) + 7 digit number.
Since the number of Nicaragua to the United Kingdom, dial 00 + 44 + 10 digits, excluding the initial 0.

Nicaragua information

LANGUAGE of Nicaragua
The official language is Spanish. 10% of the population speaks indigenous languages such as Miskito and Sumu. English is spoken by a minority of the population in tourist areas.


Migrations in Nicaragua
A valid passport and return ticket are required. A visa is not required for EU citizens.
You must pay a tax of $ 5 upon arrival in the country, and $ 25 to leave the country.

Religions in Nicaragua
90% Catholic and 5% Protestant. The population consists of 70% Creole, 18% white, black, 6% and 6% Miskito Indians.

Nicaragua Currency
The national currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba (NIO), commonly known as “weights.” It is essential to have a good amount of traveler’s checks or cash in U.S. dollars, however, you will not have too many problems with the exchange of these in the main tourist areas, but will have to declare the money he had on arrival in the country. The use of credit cards is very rare. They are only accepted in a few tourist areas. It is almost impossible to withdraw cash at the counter of banks, which are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday and from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and there are few ATMs in Nicaragua.

MOVE around in Nicaragua
Whatever your travel within the country and all the transportation you need, please check with the Tourist Office on the precautions to be taken. If you want to rent a car, it is preferable to choose a 4 × 4.Transamericana only road is in good condition. Other roads are damaged elsewhere. They are further damaged in the south, a line from Bluefields on the Caribbean coast, Puerto Corinto, Nicaragua Central West. The aftermaths of Hurricane Mitch are still visible. A bus service connects the cities of Nicaragua ones each other. They are very uncomfortable and can become dangerous for tourists. It is recommended not to take them. The rate varies from trip to trip, and your system in the city is very complicated. In the Lake of Nicaragua, there are many boats that bind together the 310 islands. The most convenient way to travel is flying, especially if you go to the region’s Caribbean coast. The best known is Nicaraguan airline Aviation.

HEALTH in Nicaragua
It is essential to take anti-malaria treatment. Subscribe to successful medical evacuation coverage. Drink mineral water and make sure your food is thoroughly washed and cooked. Rabies is present in this country. Beware of wild and domestic animals. In case of serious problems, priority to the following three hospitals: Military Hospital. Tel: 222 27 64; Baptist Hospital. Tel: 249 70 70; Hospital Aleman. Tel: 249 07 01.

ELECTRICITY in Nicaragua
110 V. adapter needed.