Puerto Limon

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica


Puerto Limon in Costa Rica is the capital of Limon province, it is a sparsely populated city with a strong Caribbean atmosphere. The tremendous task of fruit exports from here makes Puerto Limon the main banana industry

Cruise Terminal Puerto Limon
Cruise Terminal Puerto Limon

in Central America. This means that Puerto Limon no allowances for tourists and has been affected by the masses of souvenir shops, but this makes the city more endearing and charming. The city has not been effective for extensive urbanization that has affected San Jose, but retains its own character and move at your own pace.

Sights in the city of Puerto Limon

Vargas Park is where most of the action takes place and is a nice place to sit and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a Caribbean city.
Similarly, the boardwalk is a popular spot with locals to relax and socialize, and is full of talk during the day and evening music.

Lemon ethno historical Museum shows some interesting artwork and artifacts Afro-Caribbean to improve their understanding of this rich culture. You must go to Bonita Beach to enjoy the sun, sea and sand


Caribbean style.
There are also several national parks and wildlife reserves in the area, including Tortuguero and Cahuita.

Entertainment in the city of Puerto Limon

The nightlife in Puerto Limon is very different from the rest of Costa Rica. Clubs and bars are aimed at lovers of reggae and tend to have a much more relaxed. If you get a chance to hear live music it can be found playing at his feet to an eclectic mix of hip-hop and reggae, a musical style that is uncharacteristic of this region. Experience traditional food of Costa Rica is still widely available here and Central Market is a good place to find it. However, there is a very noticeable presence of food in the Caribbean and those with a taste for spicy things can taste the chicken and fish curry.

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