When to go and weather Belize


Belize offers travelers a warm sun all year round, with a minimal amount of rain in the northern parts during the rainy season. Tourists come year round


to experience nature in Belize.

There are some things to consider when deciding when to travel to Belize. The time is certainly a concern, as the crowds.

The weather can be a determining factor for two reasons: the heat and rain. During the winter months from June to November, temperatures are nice, but the country suffers a little rain. The rainy season coincides with hurricane season. On the other hand, the summer of Belize is drier, but much hotter.

Travelers who plan to spend much of their time exploring the nature of Belize should plan for wet afternoons during the rainy season. As an alternative, should be taken outdoors during the dry season. The high season for tourism affect the stay in Belize because it is filled with people and prices rise a lot and make your vacation in Belize are very expensive.

If you like feeling isolated or the need to stick to a more modest budget, visit Belize during the peak season may not be the best idea.

The coastline of Belize
The coastline of Belize

The high season in Belize coincides with the dry season, but the most popular travel is between December and February. The hurricane season in Belize runs from September to November. For travelers who visit Belize during this time of year is likely to receive greater discounts.

When you choose to travel to Belize is up to you. Learn about your options is the first step in making the right decision.

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