When to go and weather Puerto Rico


Climate of Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico has one of the invariable and constant climates in the world. Temperatures throughout the year ranging from 75 F to 85F (24 C º-29C º). The island is wetter and warmer in August, averaging 81F (27C) and 7 inches (18 cm) of rain. San Juan and the northern coast appear to be colder and wetter than Ponce and the south coast. Colder weather in Puerto Rico is given in the heights of the Cordillera, where being come to register a temperature of – 39 (4C °).

The hurricane season in Puerto Rico

The hurricane season is the curse of the climate of Puerto Rico, has a duration of at least from 1 June to 30 November. But there is no reason to panic. In general, satellite forecasts give adequate warnings for evacuations can be made on time. The peak of hurricane season in Puerto Rico historically is when most damaging storms form and hit the island in August and December.

If you go to Puerto Rico during the hurricane season, you can call your local National Weather Service to know the weather forecast.

In this way you can get information about weather conditions in any city in Puerto Rico that you plan to visit by calling tel. 800/WEATHER (932-8437).

High season in Puerto Rico:

In Puerto Rico, hotels charge their highest prices during the winter period from mid-December to mid April, when visitors fleeing from cold northern climates of the Caribbean islands. Winter is the driest season along the coast, but can be wet in mountainous areas.

If you plan to travel in the winter, make reservations with 2 or 3 months in advance. In some hotels is almost impossible to make a reservation for Christmas and February.

The second peak tourist season in Puerto Rico, especially for hotels and destinations outside of San Juan, is held in July, when most of the islanders take vacations.