Granada is a small department that covers an area of nine hundred twenty-nine km ² and has an estimated population of one hundred ninety thousand inhabitants. It is also home to one of the oldest cities in Central America, its capital shares the name of the department, Granada. The other three municipalities are Nandaime Diriá andDiriomo. Granada could be a small apartment but have big hearts and overflows of sites and attractions for visitors.

In and around the city of Granada, visitors can enjoy attractions such as hiking and mountain biking, and sites of interest, such as the Alhambra, which includes a castle, historic tours and gardens, the Mirador de San Nicolas , Albaicín and Carmen of the Martyrs, to name a few. Nandaime offers picturesque beaches like PlayaMaderas and spectacular views of the nearby volcano Mombacho.

Because the department of Granada is covered with beautiful scenery, the region is very popular hiking scouts who come to the department for travel around the small roads that lead through some of the most impressive parts of Nicaragua. Be sure to visit thefascinating cities as Peoples Witches (Enchanted Village) yPueblosWhite, as part of the many notable sites in the province of Granada.

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