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Located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, with turquoise Atlantic waters lapping at its shores, Martinique is one of the many islands of the Lesser Antilles group, affectionately known as the ‘Breezy Islands. This vibrant island has all the charm of a small town in southern France that is stirred with a little local flavor and plenty of spices.

With a history as rich and diverse culture lovers will enjoy the many historical sites of Martinique, as the Pagerie, where Napoleon’s Empress Josephine was born in 1763, and Diamond Rock, a hill 600 feet (182m) tall above the sea and St-Pierre is a site very similar to Pompeii if you will. In fact this was the largest city in Martinique until 1902 when the volcano Pelee erupted, destroying the city and its 30,000 people in just three minutes.

With two beautiful peaks, Carbet and Mont Pelee, the dormant volcano is now the highest mountain on the island at 4,586 feet (1,398 meters) above sea level. This area is also home to the legendary rain forest of Martinique. The beauty of this area inspires visions of lush Caribbean landscapes for centuries. The belief of the visitors of the Garden of Eden still exists in the area.

The reasons why everyone wants to come to the beautiful island of Martinique, are a lot of water sports like kite surfing, sailing, diving, surfing and sailing and mountain biking, hiking and adventure sports “canyoning, jumping off waterfalls down with ropes. For the less adventurous, warm, sunny days can be spent in the palm-fringed white sand beaches, many of which are something of another world. Salines Beach located at the southern end of Martinique is a place out of a postcard-perfect.













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