Cities of Panama


If there is a country that never makes you think twice before visiting, is Panama.
Panama is one of the best countries in the world for most of the tourists of many nationalities. Panama is a very safe and convenient for travelers. It has a very low crime rate. So when traveling to Panama you only have to worry about visiting beautiful cities while traveling through the streets of Panama and not thieves. At the same time in Panama City taxi drivers are honest and kind as well.

Panama is a perfect tourist destination, especially for Americans. The local currency is the U.S. dollar, so it does not have to worry about changing your currency when you go there. Your dollar is also worth a lot in Panama as the prices of accommodation, transport and meals in Panama are inexpensive. The country also ranks as the top spot for a second home for Americans because of its great attractions, climate and security.

People in Panama are warm and friendly, and most natives speak English as their second language. No need to learn Spanish! Panamanians know exactly what Americans prefer and appreciate, so you will not have difficulty dealing with them. In addition Panamanians are also fun loving. Therefore, it is no wonder that the nightlife is very active in the capital Panama City, where the party and clubs are a favorite pastime. The city is full of a lot of nightclubs, casinos and nightclubs that cater to partygoers.

In particular, the tropical climate of this country in Latin America is friendly to passengers. Unlike the neighboring Central American countries, Panama has never been hit by devastating earthquakes or hurricanes. The high season for tourists is between December and April when the weather is dry and warm.

The main cities in Panama are: