North Atlantic


The North Atlantic region of Nicaragua is often referred to as RAAN. The word is derived from the RAAN, the official name of the province, which is the North Atlantic Autonomous Region and the locals affectionately call the North Atlantic, the Mosquito Coast. This unique and picturesque region covers an area of approximately thirty-two thousand square kilometers and has an estimated population of two hundred fifty thousand inhabitants. In this region there are excellent hotels that make the North Atlantic Autonomous Region an attractive and comfortable for visitors.

The North Atlantic region of Nicaragua becomes divided into eight municipalities, namely, Rosita, Mulukukú, Bonanza, Waslala, Puerto Cabezas, Waspam Prinzapolka Siuna. The North Atlantic region is home to large cities such as Puerto Cabezas, the capital of the region. The unusual landscape of the region, virtually separated from the rest of Nicaragua, because there are dense green forests and impressive mountains that dominate the area. In fact, many travelers have to find alternative forms of transport, because many roads are narrow and unpaved roads and meander through this landscape so spectacular.

The Mosquito Coast is so exclusive that Indian tribes, the Miskito live in this region and constitute the majority of the population, hence the nickname for the region. Its history, culture and tradition add magnificence to the North Atlantic region. It’s very interesting to observe the daily life of Indians, who now live as their ancestors lived, located along rivers and highlands of the province.

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