Guatemala has its own share of colonial cities and one of them is Quetzaltenango. The place was colonized by the Spanish conquerors and you will see the influence of


colonization in the city structures, traditions and culture, language, and also in food.

Quetzaltenango may be hard to pronounce. Fortunately, you have a nickname used by local people. They call their city Xela, the place is pronounced shay-lay. This is the name used by the original settlers of Quetzaltenango Quiché Maya, before the conquistadors started their own town in the area.

In Quetzaltenango u ycan find inspiration in impressive natural attractions such as mist-covered mountains and volcanoes of Santa Maria and Santiaguito. Imagine living in a place full of nature’s gifts. Visit the site will be an amazing experience.

Since the site is surrounded by volcanoes, is also going

Visit  Quetzaltenango Guatemala
Visit Quetzaltenango Guatemala

to enjoy hot springs of Fuentes Georginas to relax after a long day of hiking and horseback there. Before coming to the hot springs, go through small towns where you can see large fields with farmers and the cliffs and valleys. The trip to the hot springs is nice and hot springs that lie ahead are some of the things that make you want to return to Quetzaltenango.

In Quetzaltenango is a shopping center, where you can enjoy eating in restaurants and shop in different stores after their trips because of the nature of the place. You can also choose to visit these places with group tours and organizations that offer hiking and camping trips to the mountains of Quetzaltenango.

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