Mandeville is the capital of the province of Manchester. It was established in 1816 and the old buildings can still be seen in the area until today.

Mandeville was once an idle people, but has a lot of activity today because of the rich resources of aluminum found in the land of Mandeville. Ecotourism has also ensured that Mandeville is visited every day more and more people coming to the resorts of Jamaica.

Mandeville has a strong British influence, and this is the main reason that Mandeville is regarded as the English city of Jamaica.

Today, Mandeville is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in Jamaica.

Food & Restaurants in Mandeville:

There are a number of restaurants that can be enjoyed in the area. You can visit the restaurant located in Mandeville Hotel Mandeville. There are simple meals made at home they are certainly delicious.

The Lair is a traditional restaurant serving the best dishes of Jamaica accompanied by live music to the delight of their ears. You can also try the restaurant in the village of bamboo to eat some authentic Chinese cuisine.

Attractions in Mandeville:

There are some important points that you can visit while you are on vacation or traveling in the city of Mandeville. Enjoy these views and surroundings of the beautiful area of Mandeville.

Black River: Known as the largest river in Jamaica. Its name is attributed as the decaying vegetation caused darkness in the riverbed.

Manchester Country Club. You can enjoy a good round of golf at the oldest golf course in Jamaica.

Y.S. Falls. The waterfall that runs through the Y.S. River has a waterfall that goes to the rainforest and has a spectacular view, with clear water and ferns.

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